Call Yvonne on 07775 701 627 or send her an EMail to confirm the date required is available, then print this page.
To print this page, right click here to access a drop down menu. Choose [This Frame] then [Print Frame]. Complete the short booking form and return it to
Secret Garden Stables, 25 Leith Road, Beare Green, Surrey RH5 4RG.

Please include a (non refundable) deposit of 50. Unicorn logo

Your telephone number_______________

Your EMail ________________________

Your Address _____________________


Birthday Girl's name _______________

Birthday Girl's Birthday ____________

Prefered date ____/________/_______

*AM or PM (circle as required)

**Estimated number of children _______

***Face painting Y N (circle as required)

Any special needs/requirements___________

NOTES * Party timing AM=11AM to 1PM -- PM=2PM to 4PM
**Book before May 2013 and prices are 224:25 for up to 15 children with an extra 14:95 for every additional child
***Face painting, add 2:50 per child


The Small Print
We are a licensed riding school and must adhere to strict health and safety regulations that will require your co-operation. On the day, please make sure all children are wearing sensible shoes, no open toes. Children are required to be supervised by parents/carers at all time and the parent or guardian must have signed a disclaimer before any child may ride the ponies. Although our unicorn ponies are chosen for their quiet and gentle nature, please remember, they are animals and can be unpredictable. The handlers instructions must be followed at all times.
Please ensure children stay on the paths and do not climb on fences in the wooded area.
Car parking is restricted, please car share where possible.

Please remember to bring a birthday cake and camera.

If it is raining on the morning of your party you may postpone for no extra charge. Please contact us by 8AM on the morning of the party on 0845 475 1941 or 01306 711 907 to discuss your options.

If you have supplied an EMail address, we would like to send you information about other offers and to send an electronic birthday card a week before the Birthday Girl's birthday next year.
Tick here ______ if you do not want us to do this