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Fairy godmother

Hello children, I am the Fairy Godmother. I live in Pixie Hollow with all my tidy up fairy friends. We are very busy and we have to constantly tidy up after the very untidy Pixies.

Each night, the faries make their fairy wishes. Magically, this leaves a small gemstone every time they make a wish. The next morning, these gemstones have to be gathered up so that the Elves cannot steal them.

Sometimes we are very lucky and get help from the children who visit us. However, because Pixie Hollow is such a magical land, human children cannot enter, so human visitors must first go to the changing room where they enter as children and change into a fairy dress and get their wings.
After a sprinkling of Fairy Dust and being given their fairy Names, the Fairy Princess first opens the gate with the special magical key, and everyone can enter Pixie Hollow.

Fairy riding
Every night, the fairies must exercise the unicorns

Fairy throne 2fairies
but after they have they have polished the fairy princess' throne, it is good to sit down for a rest.

Every morning, after the fairies have scattered fairy wishes throughout Pixie Hollow. The first job that each fairy visitor is asked to do is to collect a basket and then find all the fairy wishing gemstones. The stones can then be reused each night, but the fairies allow everyone to take one home one gemstone as a thankyou for being so helpful. The fairies ask that the children keep the stone for ever for when they need to make a wish.

Pixie Hollow is a very magical place so our next job is magic. We must try to make the unicorn appear. Of course everyone knows that Unicorns are invisible and can only appear by magic, and magic can only be done in a circle while closing our eyes, holding hands, saying the magic words, and wishing hard.

How wonderful when Princess Sparkle arrives to give each fairy a magical unicorn ride.

Whilst this is happening we play lots of games and hope to win prizes.

Sometimes, Fairy Godmother becomes very cross because every night she puts out a sweet for each of the fairies and sometimes a very naughty Piņata comes and eats all the sweets and refuses to give them back. We have to hit him with a stick to make him return them.

After all this work, it is time for a picnic, so the Wizard brings soft drinks and food and every fairy gets to sit at a huge toadstool and have sandwiches and cakes. After this, the Birthday Princess has to blow out the candles on her birthday cake and we all sing Happy Birthday. Then it is time for one more game before all the fairies have to change back to human children again and hand in their wings and fairy dress, and collect their party bag and return to the human world.

Shhhhh! This is secret so don't tell anyone, the fairy visitors only hand in their wings until the next time they visit the magical world of Pixie Hollow when they can turn back into fairies again.